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Kathy Liautaud: Product of Positive

Posted on 28 March 2012 by Administrator

Kathy Liautaud: Product of Positive

By: Vanetta Schoefield

It’s often said careers are made in moments, do you feel your pitch to Wyclef was your “moment”?

I definitely feel that it was a stepping-stone, it was a defining moment that enabled me to begin my career in the industry. I am forever grateful for that opportunity… It wasn’t easy. It took a month of being persistent to finally convince Claudinette to take me seriously and become an intern at her clothing line Fushia designs.

You have progressed into having your own PR firm, & you have a knack for fashion, where do you see yourself next, what would you like to do?

I want to have a community center for young people, especially young women. I want them to see that they don’t have to be a product of their environment. Some kids come from bad home situations and feel as though they cannot overcome their adversities. I want to create opportunities for them so that they can intern at the career of their choice .I want them to see positive role models in the community so they know they can achieve anything they want.

At this point in the game, what advice do you give to yourself?

To never get comfortable, to continue to be hungry and to keep striving and pushing to get to the next level and beyond.

What kind of music are you listening to right now?

I’m definitely bumping my clients Jerry Wonda and Vaughn Anthony’s latest.

If you could give anyone your recipe for success, what would it consist of?
First of all, my faith in God is most important. I could not have done anything without him. Being humble, passionate, resilient, patient and most importantly I will never take No for an answer. That’s how I started, and its gotten me this far, I have to keep that consistent

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